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Ice Rink 2015
Ice Rink 2015

Due to the unseasonably warm weather The ice rink may have a layer of water on it. We recommend you take a change of clothing with you as if you fall you may get wet.The rink is safe for you to skate.
Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions and Safety information before booking tickets.

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Climatic conditions can effect the surface of the ice. Calm, cold days mean the ice surface will remain dry. Wind causes friction which warms the surface of the ice resulting in a wet surface to the ice. Rain falling onto the ice causes a wet surface to the ice. Both of these climatic conditions are beyond the control of the operator on an outdoor ice rink. If the surface of the ice is wet due to either wind or rain this does NOT make it unsafe to skate. Although you may get wet if you fall over!

Booking Tickets

To book tickets use the calendar on the left, select your preferred date and skate time and click Add to Basket to select your required tickets. All prices online include the booking fee of 75p per ticket. Family tickets and group discounts are automatically added to the basket once qualifying tickets have been added.

Ice Rink Ticket Office - 01962 857276. Opens 1/2 hour before the first session of the day and closes 1/2 hour after the last session of the day.




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